Author: Dinesh Babu Pugalenthi

Celebrate Diwali 2017 with Festivezone – Early Bid Offer Sales Starts

September 15, 2017

Celebrate Diwali with Festivezone Book your favorite crackers on   now and celebrate #diwaliwithfestivezone. Starting Today, Festivezone – Leading Crackers Online Shopping Website has launched the Big Diwali Sale. Upto 75% Off on wide range of products. Early Bird Offer sale is On Flat 20 % off On Orders Above 5000  Coupon Code : FLAT20. Free Shipping, Cash […]

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Are you plan to go Hosur for wholesale Price. No More Travel Required.

September 15, 2017

People in south India have the habit of going Hosur which is in the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border to shop crackers at wholesale price. During Diwali season one can find rows of vehicles on the highway road of Bangalore, shopping their favorite crackers and carry them to their home home. Hosur Road is dotted with shops […]

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Standard Fireworks Diwali Celebration – Purchase Sivakasi Crackers Online in Bangalore and Chennai

September 12, 2017

With Sparklers, Rockets and lightning crackers city based shoppers all over India are set to make your Diwali full of light and sound. Interestingly the availability of crackers on online platform has also made it easier for the consumers. Diwali is a major festival of India. It is celebrated on a new moon night sometime […]

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Which Crackers Suits you Sound Crackers or Fancy Crackers?

September 9, 2017

Diwali festival coming soon. Children and adults waiting for crackers raining in this Diwali. Festivals really making happy us with surrounding family, friends and neighbors. Diwali normally called Deepavali in Tamilnadu people. Diwali celebration is one of the big festival in India. Because we celebrate Diwali festival with Crackers, Fireworks, new cloths, sweets and joy. […]

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Cracker Varieties available in Festivezone for this Diwali 2017

September 7, 2017

Festivezone provide variety of firecrackers including single and multi-sound crackers, sparklers, ground chakkars, flower pots, twinkling stars, pencils, fancy rockets, aerial and fancy fireworks, fancy whistling varieties, amorces, chorsa garlands, atom crackers and electric crackers. We are specialists in fireworks gift boxes and we have variety of gift boxes. Electrical crackers, Magic Pencil,Olympic Torches, Green […]

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How do customers feel shopping with Standard Fireworks Online Shopping Portal “Festivezone”

September 5, 2017

Diwali, the celebration of lights with equal enthusiasm and zeal. More than 800 million people celebrate this festival in various ways. It is the most famous, biggest and brightest festival of India. Young and old, men and women, all dress up in new clothes on a diwali day to illuminate their home with diyas. Lets […]

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Fireworks Festivals Around the World

September 1, 2017

When the Chinese invented fireworks, they used them during celebrations to keep the evil spirits away. The purpose still rings true today because all around the world, fireworks are still used to celebrate major events like the New Year. Below is a list of some of the famous celebrations and festivals which are known for their fantastic fireworks displays. 1. […]

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Buy Cracker from Leading Online Portal for Fireworks in this Diwali 2017 – Festivezone

May 22, 2017

Diwali is one of the cheerful festivals with diyas and crackers. It is just a few months away and everyone is waiting eagerly for this stunning festival. Purchasing firecrackers in market is generally not a very good experience for most end consumers. In most cases, there is a lot of rush and limited variety of available […]

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How Cracker Bursting Brings Happiness Among People Of All Age Groups

January 16, 2017

Diwali crackers make the Amavasya night colorful for the Indians. There are some people who only burst crackers because its part of the ritual. India is a country which needs celebration that does not cost a lot of money. A large group of people in this country is still living under the poverty line. They […]

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Crackers shopping in Mumbai

January 11, 2017

Mumbai, considered as the busiest city of India looks beautiful during the festival of lights. It is this beautiful and auspicious day where each and every household lists candles and diyas and celebratre the day with their near and dear ones. There has always been a lot of excitement in Mumbai when it comes to […]

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How Crackers Make Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations More Beautiful

January 10, 2017

Ganesh is one of everyone’s most favorite gods; some of the women treat Ganesh idols like their children. Ganesh puja is very special to women; they keep fast all day long and eat only after the Pooja is over. However for the kids of the family main attractions are new clothes and the crackers at […]

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Increasing popularity of the crackers shop in Hyderabad

January 6, 2017

Hyderabad is one of the most popular cities in India that has its own flavor and elegance when it comes to the culture and heritage of India. Diwali is one such time when the city looks beautiful with its lights, sparkles and showers of light all around. There was a time when Hyderabad did not […]

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Know How People Convey Diwali Wishes in Different Languages

January 5, 2017

Diwali / Devali / Deepavali is a festival celebrated in India by decorating their houses with clay diyas and beautiful rangolis in front of the house. This year Diwali is celebrated on Oct 18th 2017 in South India. Diwali is more like a get together of families, elaborate feasts with mithais, bursting of colourful crackers and […]

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Why All Indian Parents Need To Know About Standard Crackers Pricelist 2017

August 26, 2016

“Standard crackers” is the biggest manufacturer of fireworks in India. They are also one of the few genuine firecrackers brands in this country. It is important for parents to know about the Festivezone website, because standard crackers are little costlier than the no brand firecrackers that you purchase in the local shops. But in Festivezone they are […]

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Festivezone Crackers is the Best Option For Online Cracker Shoppers

August 25, 2016

There are many online crackers shops in India. These online shops like Festivezone are not selling crackers for too long. But they are already very popular with common people. One of the main reasons that people love this online shop is because of the affordable prices they offer. Everything is so much cheaper there. You cannot […]

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Did You Check The Firecrackers pricelist for 2017 ?

August 24, 2016

Diwali 2016 is not far away, it is time all Indian people need to check out fireworkspricelist. Online websites are giving some amazing deals on Diwali crackers. Those days are gone when the Indians used to ask the neighbors about the prices of the crackers they purchased; now no one has time to talk to the neighbors. […]

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Top Most expensive cracker for this Diwali 2017

August 23, 2016

Sivakasi, the hub of fireworks industry possessing around 800 factories makes crackers in all ranges starting from tens to thousands together. The cracker hub contributes to 99 percent of fireworks in India. People spend money t buy varieties f crackers and enjoy cracking them. They buy cartons full of firecrackers—bottle rockets, sparklers, rassi bombs, flower […]

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