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No other Online Portal offers ” Check & Pay Option ” to buy products online

April 7, 2018

E-commerce or online shopping is of great trend in these days. The scenario of buying things offline has been changing now. The reason for the change can be attributed to price, replacement, returns, exchanges, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, etc. Though, one of the few drawbacks includes returns once the item is found defective after payment […]

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Tv Channels Line Up Special Content For This Diwali

January 29, 2018

The festival of Diwali isn’t just lights, sweets and crackers. There is much more to Diwali along with the puja, rituals and legends behind the occasion. The media industry has lots in store for the people as Diwali comes up. TV channels will be competing with each other to provide the best entertainment packages for the audience.

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Festivezone Crackers is the Best Option For Online Cracker Shoppers

August 25, 2016

There are many online crackers shops in India. These online shops like Festivezone¬†are not selling crackers for too long. But they are already very popular with common people. One of the main reasons that people love this online shop is because of the affordable prices they offer. Everything is so much cheaper there. You cannot […]

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Difference between branded crackers and homemade crackers

May 20, 2016

Crackers are an integral part of every auspicious occasion in India. The burning of standard fireworks signifies victory of good over the evil and are burnt in order to pay homage to the gods. Not only for Diwali, fireworks and crackers is an important part of every occasion in India. People have quite a lot […]

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