Diwali Diya Online

Illuminating the science behind the Diwali diya

July 22, 2016

At all times Diwali falls on the new moon day, so it’s a practice to illuminate the entire home with diyas as there is very little natural light. Diwali, festival of lights or lamps has been transformed into a celebration with crackers and sweets. There is something beyond celebration and it is scientific too. Yes, […]

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Diwali gifts shopping guide: For online users

July 3, 2016

Diwali festival in India is the most celebrated festival and it also associated as the largest gifting and shopping festival in India. Our tradition of exchanging gifts & sweets is very popular during this festival occasion. The basic idea behind the tradition of exchanging Diwali gifts is to accelerate the feeling of love, bonding, affection and […]

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Online Crackers Shopping For All Occasions Throughout The Year

June 1, 2016

Crackers are a universal form of celebrating success. In India Diwali crackers are the most popular, but there are some people who burst crackers all year long. In some Indian culture firecrackers are burst during any happy occasion like marriage or birthday. Young men and women also burst firecrackers if their favorite sports star or […]

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Plan yourself for this Diwali 2018

May 21, 2016

Diwali is one such festival that unites people of all age groups. It is the festival of lights that eliminates the darkness from our lives and welcomes the ray of light and hope. It I a day where everyone lights candles, diyas and bursts crackers with their near and dear ones. They also wear new […]

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