How To Keep Your Pets This Diwali

Diwali is a time for fun, enjoyment gifts and lights for the people. It is celebrated with excitement and joy as families come together on this eventful day. Although the festival is a grand time for people the four letters members of our family consider Diwali to a threatening time. For the pets in our home the festival is synonymous with anxiety and fear as they are easily scared by the sound of the bursting crackers and noise from the festivals. What we consider as fun and frolic during Diwali bursting crackers the rituals to us is the cause of anxiety to many animals which has lead to terrible accidents. We completely ignore the feelings of our companions and enjoy the event as per our wishes and traditions. Although we can’t stop celebrating the festival the reason being that it is a part of our culture. Diwali is our cultural heritage the values and morals of which we need to uphold. But we can take some steps to ensure that our pets are safe and happy. We can employ a few changes in our households and make some sacrifices to ensure a secure and fear free environment for our four legged friends.

The first small step that we can take is to keep them in a separate room. It would help even more if the room was away from the streets. The pretty lights and flashes from crackers is not the same beautiful sight for our pets. These flashes and glow from candles will induce fear in them. Hiding your pets from the glares and flashes of lights on Diwali will surely calm their senses to a level. You can also use thick and heavy curtains to shadow out the lights in the sky. Animals are more sensitive to the sound of crackers outside and it will leave them trembling and barking. The loud fireworks display cause lot of noise which leaves your furry friend shaking. It is advisable to take them for a morning walk before fireworks begin and then keep them in a familiar room. To protect them from the noise of fire crackers you can purchase ear muffs or even cover their ears with a soft cloth to shield the noise.

You also need to be on your toes and make sure that your pets do not move out of the house. Also be sure to keep the crackers and fire boxes away from the reach of your furry ones. Don’t let your care on pets make them prone to health problems. Do not feed them milk sweets and ghee filled sweets this can lead to bowel trouble and gastric disorders which is very harmful to their health. The pollution from fire crackers proves to be more harmful for the animals than it is for us. They are vulnerable to many health issues and fear due to the polluted air. Keep the fur on your baby as short as possible during the occasion. A trip to the parlor and doing a trim will go a long way in helping to keep your pets safe. There are chances for the hair on your pet to graze against the diyas, crackers or lamps and might lead to burns and scars. It is always advised to burst crackers and light the lamps on the terrace or far away where your pets can’t reach.

Always keep your vet’s number handy in case of any emergencies. And shower all the love you have on your pets and let them know that they are important to you. Make this Diwali a pet friendly one and have a memorable festival with your fur balls.

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