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Diwali is associated with lights, sweets and firecrackers. The first impression of Diwali that flashes through our mind is of multicoloured and impressive fireworks, sprinkling various bright coloured lights in the night sky. So, fireworks have a significant role to play in this festival. Every year Diwali arrives in all its sound and sparkle.

Diwali is also associated as the largest shopping festival in India. The tradition of exchanging gifts with friends, family and relatives is very popular during Diwali. People go out of their way to buy gifts for their loved ones. Nowadays people are showing more interest to buy firecrackers online which reduces their time and also sending to it their loved ones as the remembrance of them on the day of celebration.

There are few things to be watched out while buying crackers online which are listed below.

➢ Always look for the sites that provide cash on the delivery option so that you can pay after your orders can be received correctly.
➢ Ensure that the site you prefer to buy crackers online should have the original price list.
➢ Always prefer for the sites which sell crackers at wholesale prices.
➢ Pick the sites which sell the Indian brand firecrackers.
➢ Make sure that the transaction process is well secured with the sites.
One of the trustworthy websites which satisfy all the above-mentioned customer needs is


Festivezone is one of the leading online website sellers who avails for various types of standard crackers with amazing discounts. This website holds around 30+ categories from where we can choose 300+ products which are suitable for all age group persons.

The festivezone can be able to provide crackers at the wholesale price across India. So, Customers can buy crackers online by adding it to their shopping cart and customize a combo pack.

Payment options: Festivezone provides customer option to pay cash/card on delivery, make online payment through credit or debit cards.

Delivery charge: Free
Duration of delivery: 2 to 3 days
Minimum order value: Rs.3000
Branches: Chennai and Bangalore

Delivery locations:
★ Chennai
★ Bangalore
★ Coimbatore
★ Salem
★ Pondicherry
★ Mumbai
★ Pune
★ Hyderabad
★ All over TamilNadu

Festivezone offers:
★ Great value for the price
★ Delivery at the convenient day
★ Secure payment methods
★ Promise delivery
★ Genuine standard crackers
★ Round the clock assistance

Festivezone offers all kinds of crackers under one roof at the wholesale pricing. It also provides online shopping by just clicking a button the best crackers will reach the customers at minimum charges.

Diwali symbolises the victory of good over the evil. Firecrackers add an extra joy as the rows of lamps. So make your Diwali as a delightful festival by sending Firecrackers online to your beloved ones through Festivezone.'

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