Top Cracker Brands That Make You Happy This Diwali

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Fireworks have been succeeded in becoming a vital part of Diwali festival as we cannot imagine a wonderful Diwali without crackers sprinkling various bright coloured lights in the night sky. So, fireworks have a significant role to play in this festival. Every year Diwali arrives in all its sound and sparkle. Here are the top 10 brands that make you happy this Diwali are as follows.

The standard fireworks were established as India’s largest fireworks manufacturer in Sivakasi, TamilNadu.The major products are matches, fireworks and sparklers. The industry of standard fireworks also functions in the manufacturing of safety matches.

Special products:
➢ Electric crackers
➢ Novel fireworks
➢ Fancy fireworks
➢ Premium cakes
“Provides a world class quality products and new and innovative products to the customers at affordable prices”.

Kaliswari provides cock brand fireworks of different varieties which include sparklers, crackers, ground wheels, pinwheels, flower pots, rockets, fancy and novelty items.

Special products:
➢ Fancy Aerial Mini Shooter
➢ Fancy Aerial large shooter
➢ Fancy Aerial cakes
➢ Fancy Aerial grand repeaters
“Supplies products all over India and earned a good reputation for quality and trust”.

Sony crackers are one of the leading cracker wholesaler and manufacturer which holds a vast collection of fireworks and multiple branches which ranges as 5 branches in Sivakasi,1 in settur and 15 outlets in Chennai during the time of Diwali. Sony satisfies the customers by providing superior service and incomparable quality products.

Special products:
➢ Fancy aerial varieties
➢ Serpent eggs
➢ Ring caps
➢ confetti
“Quality products and quick service make a good relationship with the customers”.

Ajanta fireworks emerged as one of the leading firecracker manufacturers in India equipped with the best infrastructure. The range of the products mostly consists of Indian fireworks products. Ajanta makes happy customers by providing superior quality, innovative firecrackers, which add spark to every occasion.

Special products:
➢ Traditional crackers
➢ Garland crackers
➢ Elite fireworks
➢ Fountain crackers
“Develops a wide range of products and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction”.

Krishna fireworks are one of the leading firework manufacturers in India. It is a supplier and manufacturer of fireworks, crackers, paper caps, colour matches, sparklers, flower pots, etc.

Special products:
➢ Chorsa garlands
➢ Electric crackers
➢ Loose crackers
“High productivity, lesser cost”

Ananda fireworks always strive to be Imagineers, producers, and providers of spectacular fireworks of all events. It keeps up the dealer’s expectation and fulfils the customers in their celebration times. It benefits and delights everyone.

Special products
➢ Confetti
➢ Deluxe crackers
➢ Chorsa
➢ garland
“Discover, develop and deliver Innovative products”

Vanitha crackers produce the best quality at an affordable price through technology upgradation, value addition and customer satisfaction. It presents the unique collection of fireworks gives joy and colour developed to feel the requirements of the modern age. The company has a wide marketing network with its dealers and retail outlets spread across the country.

Special products:
➢ Vava series for kids
➢ Sky series
➢ Innovative series

Ayyan firework is one of the leading firework manufacturers in India. The products carry a stamp of uniqueness that enhances the celebration of every special moment. The delivery location includes Chennai, Bangalore and rest of TamilNadu

Special products:
➢ Maroons
➢ Chinese crackers
➢ Aerial splendour
➢ shells
“Make effects according to customer’s design and requirement”'

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